Walling Qualifications

The Dry Stone Walling Association offers accredited certification in conjunction with Lantra Awards, giving candidates the opportunity to gain a vocational qualification in dry stone walling at three levels: Initial, Intermediate and Advanced.  Click here for a document that shows the path through these qualifications.

If you join SWEDSWA and want to obtain one of these qualifications (for personal or professional reasons) you will be supported in numerous ways – we can allocate a ‘walling buddy’ who will help you develop the necessary speed and skills and will critique your work; we run ‘mock’ exams to ensure that you have achieved the necessary standard and won’t waste fees if you aren’t really ready to take the exam and we can also help with exam fees, subject to length of membership and passing the mock exam.

These qualifications are also offered via a number of colleges throughout the country, but they change all the time, so we suggest that you ‘Google’ to find a local college.

We have several members who have achieved these qualifications (both professional and hobby wallers) who would be happy to talk to you about what’s actually involved at each level. If you’d like someone to contact you, send us an e-mail with your contact details (preferably a landline) and details of which level qualification you are interested in.

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